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International Print Award Carmen Arozena 2014

The award ceremony of the International Print Award Carmen Arozena
2014 will take place on 1 October 2014 at Museum Casa de la Moneda in
After the ceremony it will be inaugurated the exhibition of awarded and selected works
Date and time: October 1st at 7pm
Place: Museo Casa de la Moneda – C/ Doctor Esquerdo, 36 – 28028 – Madrid
Exhibition dates: October 1st to November 2nd, 2014
Next 1 October 2014 at Museum Casa de la Moneda in Madrid, Mª Victoria Hernández
Pérez, director of Culture and Historic Heritage department of Cabildo Insular de la Palma
will give in person to Magda Szplit (Poland) and Taichi Kodama (Japan) the first and
second prize Carmen Arozena 2014 respectively. Also Marcin Bialas, Sergio Boujeat,
Edvin Dragičević y Nicolas Poignon will receive the honourable mentions.
Artists whose works have been selected this year and will be exhibited as well, are:
Rakesh Bani, Michael Barnes, Zoila Rebeca Barral Riveira, Luis Cabrera, José Luis Ceña
Ruiz, Kraisak Chirachaisakul, Danielle Creenaune, Milica Čvokić, Mehdi Darvishi, Isabel
Fuentes García, Sebastian Grande, Víctor Hernández, Joanna Janowska-Augustyn,
Jeimin Kim, Eunice Kim, Milan Krajnović, Anna Krztoń, Paweł Kwiatkowski, Yvan
Lafontaine, Guy Langevin, Carlos Castañeda, Jorge Noguez, José Pedreros Prado,
Paulina Poczeta, Renée Renard, Weronika Siupka, Dominika Stanhaszek, Aristide
Stornelli, Lucrecia Urbano, Sonal Varshneya, Thierry Wesel, y Cleo Wilkinson.
Then the exhibition of selected works opens and will remain at Museum Casa de la
Moneda until 2 November 2014. After that the exhibition will travel to Canary Islands to
be exposed at Casa Salazar in Sta. Cruz de la Palma in December.
This 42nd edition is being especially relevant since the Cabildo de la Palma is finalizing an
anthological exhibition about Carmen Arozena in Sta. Cruz de la Palma, and also thanks
to the agreement with Museum Casa de la Moneda in Madrid which hosts this year the
awards ceremony and exhibition.
Jury´s failure
The jury, which met in Madrid last 26 June 2014, was composed by Mª Victoria Hernández
Pérez, Director of Culture and Historic Heritage department of Cabildo Insular de la Palma;
Juan Teodoro Vidal, director of Museum Casa de la Moneda; Gérard Espí, winner of the
second prize Carmen Arozena 2013; Isabel Elorrieta, manager of G&E magazine
specialized in prints and editions; and the artist Enrique González.
They unanimously decided rewarding with the first prize the print “Alter Ego IV”,
impressive linoleum with a face full of details executed with great skills by Magda Szplit
(1978, Kielce). On the other hand, "Scenery over there_014_05" from Taichi Kodama
(1978, Kagoshima) was awarded with the second prize, because of the complexity using
30 different plates to achieve a colourful silkscreen print of abstract shapes.
Magda Szplit, degree in Pedagogy and professor of fine arts at the University of Krakow
since 2009, has also a printmaking workshop specializing in linoleum together with artist
Henryk Krolikowski in Krakow. Her great dexterity to handle this technique has led her to
obtain different awards as the of the 5th International Biennial of graphic art "Terra" from
Sant Carles de la Ràpita or the Kielce Prize Przedwiosnie (Poland) on different occasions.
Her works have been exhibited in Odense (Denmark), Chicago (USA) and Sandomierz
(Poland), and in others collective events of printmaking as the International Triennial of
Engraving of Macedonia, the international Biennial of Varna (Bulgaria), the International
Print Biennial of Sarcelles (France), the Triennial of graphic work Ulus in Belgrade
(Serbia), the International Penang Exhibition in Malaysia or the International Biennial
Bharat Bhavan in India.
Taichi Kodama, doctoral student in fine arts, specialized in printmaking by the University
of Kyoto, has obtained in recent years several international awards such as the special
prize of the International Silkscreen Exhibition "Around the World" in 2013, the award for
technical merit at the Universal Engraving Exhibition in Istanbul or the special prize of
Miniprint in Finland in 2010. His work has been exhibited in various exhibition spaces in
Germany, Poland, France, or Japan, and in 2013 was recipient of grant from the Asahi
Shinbum Foundation.
Thanks to the support of Cabildo Insular de la Palma and cooperation of the Museum Casa de la
INFO: Brita Prinz Arte _ T: +34 915221821 _

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Museo Casa de la Moneda, Madrid, Spain,  1 October - 2 November 2014

Palacio Casa Salazar in La Palma, Canary Islands,  10 December 2014 - 8 January 2015

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